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Post by Srusader Guy on Sun Nov 14, 2010 12:06 am

Ok, this is what you must post when complaining about Crusader

*When did this happen to you: Liek whenever theres a TKer.

*Where did this occur: Liek in teh server.

*Who did this, and if it is one person, who is it: Meh.

*How many times has this happened if its been more than once: Liek twice. Maybe three.

*State what occured and give specific details, not just "well he tked me so this happened then that then i did this": Well some guy TK'd me, and then he tk'd moar ppl ,then he tkd like 5 more rounds, and i failed to banbanban him cuz ima softie

*At least one screenshot, if this happened on the server and/or xfire: look @ my video derp. he was trollin earlier trololo

We really hope this section isn't posted in this often, but if so, we'll try to fix the kinks out and remove our problems.

This are a lolz complaint so ^ doesnt matter!
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