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Signature Tutorial Empty Signature Tutorial

Post by Lecrae on Mon Jun 07, 2010 8:44 pm

Well this is a tutorial that helped me greatly when I first explored the world of signature making(shame I had to borrow this from AOD forums) but all credits are to Musick. Its made for Photoshop versions, but I think its compatible if you have similar programs(such as GIMP) don't try this with MS Paint though lol. You can ask me anything(like if you get stuck) because I'll probably be able to help you, I've used this style with most of my signatures.

This tutorial took me over two hours, so I hope this will teach you something about signature making.

Signature Tutorial

(Click to enlarge.) , since enlarge ain't workin.

Also, just an example of the style;
Signature Tutorial Fireheartsig2copy

Its not EXACTLY following the whole tutorial, as I added some other steps and lighting effects, but I think its better when you just experiment and explore your own tools to develop a unique style.

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