Clone Wars Stances And Effects Mod

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Clone Wars Stances And Effects Mod

Post by Lecrae on Mon Jun 07, 2010 8:54 pm

*Note I Did Not Make This File*

Clone Wars Stances And Effects Mod V5

Download Link -;89992

"this mod alters the games animations and stances..alot. Looking for a more familiar feeling like in battefront, EPIII the game, or jedi power battles? well this is that mod bringing new stances and swings, jumps, taunts, running, walking, the list goes on. also included in the mod is new lightning effects, saber blades, and clashing effects along with new sounds for all of that plus star wars hilt overwrites that have their own specific qualities for each. Sounds complicated? well to make it more complex I have made it compatible with Moviebattles II, Ja+ 2.3, and OJP enhanced. The previous versions of the this mod share some of the same stuff but now after 5 tries it is perfected and is the most flexible stance and animation mod available. so let me give ya this and enjoy." - Quote From Author

-Installing Instructions-

There Are 3 folders in this mod along with the file clonewarsmodV5 base.pk3, cw_v5oldswings, cw_v5newswings. In each folder there are files specific to each mod

-MBII has the mod files for Movie battles two

-JA+2.3 for JA+ 2.3

-OJP for Open Jedi Project mod

files labeled

-old or oldswings contain the saber swing anims that are from base JA

-new or new swings contain saber swings I developed.


Never Tryed It With MB2, But Since It Has A Folder For MB2, I Guess Its Compatiable (Though You Should Make A Back Up Of A File It Tells You To Overwrite). Enjoy Mates ^^

P.S - This File Is Also Good For Single Player


I Suggest You Use MBModels0_old.pk3 instead of MBModels0_new.pk3

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