Minecraft server rules

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Minecraft server rules

Post by Proof on Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:13 pm

Check this topic for future updates. Connecting to server means you agree to abide by all rules. Any questions about rules or server post on this topic or message me.

Server rules


Griefing outside of city

Killing other players




Admins have final say.

Whining or complaining about someone killing you, griefing your home, stealing  or scamming you.

Griefing inside of city

No harassment 

No racism

No obsessive swearing

No copying names or variations (Proof, Pr00f)

No false alarms telling an admin come here just so you can kill them.

No multi accounting (3 tops)

No spamming

No use of mods that give an unfair advantage (X-ray, texture packs,
Hack clients, and mini maps)  (exeptions non xray like texture packs)

No advertising other servers on forums or server.

No building right out side spawn (because it will most likely get griefed) 
No claiming faction land near spawn

Admin/special user rules:

No renaming people without a valid reason.

No banning without valid reason

No kicking without valid reason 

No using /kill command without valid reason

No abusing powers

Any sort of hack Is permanent ban from server.

Any illegal mod (xray, xray like texture pack, mini map.) permanent ban

Bug exploits temporary ban. (week)

harassment, obsessive swearing,
Racism, whining, spamming, Kick and if continued temp ban (week)

Copying name kick until you change name.

Claiming faction land outside of spawn will be unclaimed by an admin.

False alarms admins will get their stuff back by killing and you may not get help from admin in future.

Breaking admin/special user rules will cause leaders and other admins to choose if you are worthy of admin, admin/special user may be takin away.(admins may ban you until everything is resolved.

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