Weird Experience.

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Weird Experience.

Post by Porkins on Thu Jul 28, 2011 12:17 am

I Got Lai.... Wait That's Inappropriate. Trololololol

I Bet Angel 10 Monopoly Dollars' That I'd Post This:

No, The Real Story Is, While On Vacation I Went To A Titanic Museum. At The Museum They Had A Display Where You Could Feel How Cold The Water Was When It Sank And They Had To Swim In It Etc. It Was 28 Degrees Below Freezing I Believe. Anyway You're Supposed To Only Stick Your Finger In There. There's A Timer To See How Long You Can Hold It And It Stops At 3 Minutes. Being, Well, Myself, I Decided To Stick My Whole Arm In It, Up To The Elbow (Because Ladies And Gentlemen, Believe It Or Not, It Had A Bottom). So, I Held It In There For 5 Minutes Until I Pulled It Out. I Wanted To Do My Other Arm But They Said HELL NO (They Being My Subconscious).

So, As I'm Browsing The Gift Shop, I Kept Dropping Items Because I Couldn't Feel My Hand, Let Alone My Arm. By The Time It Warmed Up, IT WAS WARMER THAN MY OTHER HAND. Keep In Mind, I Did Not Go Near The Below Freezing Water With My Left Hand, Or Arm For That Matter. Yes, My Right Arm Still Twitches A Bit. Also As A Side Note, The Coldness Of The Water Didn't Affect Me As Much. But A Replica Of The Ice Berg That Struck The Titanic Did. Albeit, It Was Just The Coldness Of The Actual Iceberg, Not A Full Scale Model, Just Like A Small Portion Of It, Of The Iceberg I Mean. Was That Confusing To Anyone Else?

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Re: Weird Experience.

Post by Angel on Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:11 pm

hmm ok, I never said you had to post this but w.e works for you. Rolling Eyes

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